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For the next few days the town of Wilmington IL will be invaded by people that for some reason want to celebrate a catfish with a summer festival. The goings on include a carnival, beer garden, live music, fireworks, street vendors, little Miss Wilmington contest, dance performances in the street, and the hunt for “clues” which lead you to money.

I happen to work in a location that has those clues, and we’ve had people in and out of here all day to get them. If you figure it out and find the prize at the end you get some cash. It certainly is worth a walk around town if you ask me. Also since its a town ordeal we’ve been allowed to wear jean and polo shirts to work. Jeans in a bank with a dress code like this is like parole to someone on death row. haha. Read More


The book is by Jane Green and is set in London. The main character Alice gives up her entire way of life and who she is to be with a man that isn’t good enough for her. His name would be Joe, a womanizing jack-ass that takes advantage of Alice and half of the women in London. Alice has a good friend in Emily who has the life that Alice wanted for herself, and the boyfriend Alice wanted for herself.
Alice would never cheat on Joe, but she always keeps the idea of Joe cheating on her in the back of her mind.

Things snowball on Joe durning his cheatfests and he ends up being shipped to New York for work. Alice buys a house in the country which Joe hates. Alice begins to let herself go, and by doing so really finds herself. She finds the strength to confront Joe and get the relationship back on the track it should be on.

Once you get past all of the English “slang” it is a really good read that I hated to put down. Put it on your must read list and let me know what you think.

I just found out some awesome news, starting at the end of June through the end of August The Radio Disney Summer Concert Series will be in Wildwood New Jersey! This is a perfect chance for parents to get their kids to want to go on a Jersey Shore beach Vacation. The best part is the series is totally free, and some of the best Radio Disney stars will be there. It is also extremely close to Wildwood New Jeresy Motels. People that are as excited as I am can catch the concerts on Mariner’s Landing Pier at 1 pm & 4 pm. Plus you’ll get to meet your favorite Disny Radio stars after each show, which makes for a wonderful Wildwood Vacation. The event is ran just like in years past when you could meet stars like Raven Symone, The Cheetah Girls, Jesse McCartney, Jordan Pruitt, Mitchel Musso and Drew Seeley. This summer guests can look forward to seeing Savannah, Comic Book Heroes, Tiffany Giardina.

I’ve seen a great deal of commercials lately for BigSpot, a website that promises you up to $200 in “rewards” if you take surveys. Yes we all know marketing is important, but is some guy at some company somewhere really going to give me up to $200 for taking a survey about his product? I set out to find out. Read More

I got up earlier than normal this morning so I could take my cats to the vet. The last of my babies (call me a crazy cat lady if you want to) to live with me. I haven’t been near a vet in a month when I was forced to have my 13 year old, very ill dog to sleep. Needless to say that wasn’t the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had. I cried and cried for days and claimed I would never love anything as much as I loved him. I’m only a month into my claim, but I feel that its a true claim. You can never replace something you love. Never.

I was fine most of the morning going through my normal routine, up, shower, dressed, ate, then it was time to find the cats. Indie, my calico was easy to find. She was still asleep in her favorite chair to sleep in. I assume its her favorite since she is always in it. Rogue, on the otherhand wasn’t as easy. I ended up giving up and waiting on the couch for her to appear, eventually she did. I got them rounded up and put in the carrier. They were whiny as I would be on hour 12 of no food and water, but I know it was more than that. It became even more clear it was more than that as we got in the car and headed down the road. The clawing started, followed by mile after mile of screaming and crying. (Yes, animals scream and cry).

I couldn’t stand the sound of them going wild with what I assume was fright in the backseat. Read More

Like many people last night I tuned in to watch the series premier of 10 Things I Hate About You. I have to admit that for an ABC Family Channel series it was what was to be expected. It wasn’t anything great for my age group, but for teens it will be great. I think I went into it expecting too much. I remember the movie vividly, even though I have one of the first copies of it ever put onto VHS. Yes I said first copy on VHS, I didn’t want to date myself in here, but I did do deal with it. I remember Cat Stratford and how she dated Joey Donner before he turned into a total ass male model with regional ads for tube sock, and the reason why she chose to fall from popularity. I remember when Bianca Stratford was forced to wear a pregnancy belly around the house before her dad would let her leave for a party. I remember the rule “no dating until you graduate” that was quickly changed to “you can date, when she does”. Meaning Bianca could date when her “socially awkward” sister Cat decided she wanted to. I remember when Cameron insulted Michael by saying “they usual send one of those AV nerds” to show him around school, which in fact, Michael was. He tried to hide it will in his quest for coolness by association. Do you remember when Cameron saw Bianca for the first time? I do. He instantly fell in love with her and would do anything for. That sent him on a quest to find someone for her sister to date, hell, he even learned French for her. FRENCH! Read more…

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